Gehwol is designed to treat a wide range of foot conditions. 

Tired & Painful
Burning & Aching
Cracks & Fissures
GEHWOL - against tired and painful feet


GEHWOL - against burning feet   GEHWOL - against cracks and fissures


Foot Odor
Hard Skin & Callusses
Fungus & Athlete's Foot
GEHWOL - against foot odor  

GEHWOL - against hard skin and callusses

GEHWOL - against fungus and Athlete's foot

Foot Perspiration
Cold Feet
GEHWOL - against foot perspiration

GEHWOL - against cold feet   GEHWOL - against corns  

The Pediroller can be very helpful in the treatment of heel pain and plantar fasciitis.


The PediRoller helps stretch the plantar fascia, a band of connective tissue running along the bottom of the foot, increasing flexibility and reducing pain. Its ridged design massages tired feet, reducing tension and stimulating circulation to the affected areas.

It can be used as cold therapy by chilling or freezing before use, which will help reduce inflammation and combat pain.
Easy to use, the PediRoller does not require batteries or electrics and can be used quickly while sitting reading,
watching TV or just relaxing.


Following the exercise guide within the pack, roll the bottom of the foot back and forth from heel to arch. The exercise should be repeated for 3 to 5 minutes twice a day, morning and night.
Freezing the product before use will help if the area is inflamed.

Flexitol is a medically proven treatment for dry & cracked feet. Suitable for general & diabetic foot care.

We have a range of products to treat athletes foot and fungal nail conditions.

Foot deodorants and anti-perspirants are very useful during the warm summer months.

We have a range of tea tree products including foot spray, foot powder and foot soak which can be deodorizing, cooling and antiseptic.

Balmosa is often used to sooth unbroken chilblains. It also heps with muscular aches and pains.

We have a range of nail and skin files. These can be perfect for smoothing rough skin on the heels, for good nail care and and rubbing down verrucae.

We have a range of basic insoles. We can also make made to measure insoles which can help to relieve plantar fasciitis and general foot pain. 

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Nail Surgery is a cost effective treatment for persistently painful and / or infected ingrowing toe nails.


We would be happy to discuss this with you and can arrange your treatment at very short notice.


We have an extensive range of foot care products including nail files and creams.

Have a look at our products page for more information.


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