Nail surgery is considered for a variety of nail conditions.



These range from deformed painful nails to deeply ingrowing nails that cause the surrounding tissue to become ulcerated and chronically infected.


If performed to the highest standard not only will the nail pathology be cured but the nail itself will often look completely normal.




Although a relatively simple procedure it can often fail if not performed correctly.



A failed procedure will generally result in the nail regrowing with a greater deformity and require further surgery.


The Foot Health Centre Podiatrists are highly experienced in toenail surgery and Tom in particular has done in excess of 2000 procedures.

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Nail Surgery is a cost effective treatment for persistently painful and / or infected ingrowing toe nails.


We would be happy to discuss this with you and can arrange your treatment at very short notice.


We have an extensive range of foot care products including nail files and creams.

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